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Li and his wife, Jamie, have four children ages 13 to 5. In the balance of membership in the State Senate it is important to have a Senator with young children who can speak to the impact of potential legislation on working families. 


The Arellanos are members of the Faith Assembly in Grand Detour. 



In 2015 Jamie, who is an RN, left her job to join the leadership team as a Nurse Manager at the pro-life crisis pregnancy center called Hope Life Center. She served there for three years until their fourth child was born. She recently returned to the workforce as an RN at KSB Hospital. 

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Eight-year mayor of Dixon 


Li is the past eight-year mayor of Dixon who finished two terms in May. Li produced a wide array of accomplishments for the people of Dixon. After massive fraud was discovered in city government, Li ran for mayor and won election in 2015. In office he focused on getting city finances in order, investing in local infrastructure, and economic development.

After accomplishing the goals he had when he first ran for mayor, Li honored the commitment to term limits he made after his elections by not running for a third term and instead returned to the private sector. 

Small Businessman


Li developed a restaurant in Dixon and two in Rock Falls. As a small businessman, Li dealt with the effects of Illinois’ high taxes and regulations, along with inflation, supply chain disruptions and a labor shortage. Li is determined to use that insight to be a strong advocate for small business all over our district and state. 

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Service in the U.S. Armed Forces 


Li was compelled to step up and join our military after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and enlisted as an Army Engineer. He has had leadership roles in multiple overseas combat deployments to the Middle East. Li continue to serve in the Army Reserves as a squad leader in the 317th ECC. 

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